Neue Klasse

“Neue Klasse” Is The Name For BMW’s Specialized EV Platform

BMW’s Neue Klasse [German for “new class”), a specialized EV chassis, will arrive in 2025 and will serve as the foundation for electric vehicles in the midsize luxury sector.

Neue Klasse

BMW‘s next-generation electric powertrain, Neue Klasse, will have “greater output, new cell chemistry, and new cell shapes.” This platform would play a “critical role” in the company’s EV sales ramp-up and would mark a technological quantum leap.

The Neue Klasse platform would exclusively support battery-electric cars, with no infernal combustion engines permitted 🙂 The platform, which will solely provide a battery-electric motor, will go into production in 2025 at BMW Group’s new facility in Debrecen, Hungary.

When it enters the market, it will be focused on the 3 Series sector, and the market will have grown to the point where it is appropriate to have only one powertrain in that design.

The new platform would be “primarily focused on the middle car (midsize) market,” with “no coverage from the lower segments all the way up to the luxury segments.”

However, the business has refused to specify whether the first vehicle built on the new platform would be a sedan, SUV, or something else. For decades, the 3 Series sedan has been the company’s bread and butter product, effectively defining the premium midsize section of the market.

BMW plans to sell a total of 2 million battery-electric cars by 2025 and expects half its sales will be BEVs by 2030. Though the company is doing everything it can to meet that goal earlier.

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