Heatwaves Are Influencing How We Live…

Heatwaves have generated crisis circumstances in India and Pakistan over the previous two months, with birds falling from the sky, wheat crops in risk, and power plants unable to meet electricity needs.

This excessive heat is affecting hundreds of millions of people in one of the world’s most densely inhabited areas, jeopardising entire ecosystems.

Many nations are currently experiencing record-breaking heatwaves that have been exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change. Experts predict that extreme heatwaves will become more often in the next decades unless drastic efforts are made to halt global climate change.


Heatwaves is putting enormous strain on power networks, with blackout risks being especially high in nations where energy demand for cooling can overwhelm less reliable infrastructure networks.

For example, the recent heatwave in India has increased demand for power.

The country’s boasts of progress toward clean energy are amusing, given that coal-fired thermal power plants generate roughly 75 percent of India’s electricity. Hundreds of more freight trains have been requested by India to deliver coal to coal-fired thermal power facilities.

It is critical to assess the rates of growing heatwave severity and if they can be met by similar rates of adaptation. This would assist to resolve the possibility of future adaptive mechanisms failing.

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