New -Toyota Introduces a Tesla Model 3 Rival In China

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The all-new, all-electric Toyota bZ3 sedan is ready to compete with the Tesla Model 3 for mainstream electric dominance in what is indisputably the world’s most significant new automobile market: China.

The new bZ3 (for “beyond Zero emissions,” of course) claims a stunning 600 km range and was developed as part of a joint venture between Toyota and BYD and will be offered by FAW Toyota Motor.

The electrification system combines BYD’s lithium-ion LFP battery using lithium iron phosphate and Toyota’s extensive electrification technologies honed through long-standing hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) development. The battery structure, cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems were all newly designed for this car, making its high-quality electrification system efficient, advanced, safe, and reliable.

Furthermore, the company has leveraged its electrification expertise to reduce battery degradation, with the development goal of ensuring 90% capacity even after ten years, for customer peace of mind.

The bZ3 boasts a low center of gravity and good steering stability thanks to the e-TNGA, allowing for free and comfortable driving. The driving position reduces muscle tension, which contributes to reduced weariness during long-distance driving and makes driving more pleasurable.


The driving characteristics of “running,” “stopping,” and “turning” utilize company’s more than 80 years of car manufacturing experience and know-how cultivated in motor sports. We feel that Tesla’s legendary customer retention figures will drop substantially when this product hits market.

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