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China Plans To 3D Print A 590-Foot Hydroelectric Dam

China intends to use artificial intelligence and the greatest construction equipment money can buy to 3D build a new


China Decides To Turn Deserts Into Solar Power Hubs

According to recent media reports, China’s new renewable energy plans will focus on the Gobi and several other desert


Tesla Assisted China In Reducing Carbon Emissions By 855,878 Tonnes

Tesla China just published Gasgoos, a year-to-date report on its new energy contribution. According to which Tesla assisted China


China Has Succeeded In Physically Altering The Weather

China has been able to change the weather, according to a new study by China’s Tsinghua University. Chinese researchers


China Plans To Address Plastic Pollution Through A 5 Year Plan

China released a five-year plan outlining the country’s approach for combating plastic pollution. China’s recycling capacity will be enhanced


China Will Not Finance Any New Overseas Coal Power Projects

Burning coal produces a large amount of carbon emissions, and so countries such as Japan and South Korea have

SunDrive Solar

SunDrive Solar Beats China By Creating Cheap Solar Cells Using Copper

SunDrive is a solar technology start-up based in South Sydney, Australia.The company was founded by University of New South Wales


Tesla Proactively ‘Recalls’ 285,000 Vehicles In China Over Safety Snag

Tesla “recalled” 285,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China. This recall was over “Autopilot issues” however, owners

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