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India The World’s 3rd Largest Auto Market Is Embracing Electric

India The World’s 3rd Largest Auto Market Is Embracing Electric

Since the globe accelerates the transition to electric vehicles (EV), it is critical that the world’s major markets lead

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Electric Vehicles Are Impacting Our Lives In Unexpected Manner!

Automobiles and other motorized vehicles have left a significant physical impression on modern cities. According to estimates, most of

Apple Scales Back Self-Driving Car and Delays Debut Until 2026

Apple Delays Electric Car Launch Until 2026

According to news sources, Apple is developing an electric vehicle (EV) for specific markets exclusively; however, for a change,

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Electric Vehicles Big CO2 Footprint Diminishes As You Drive More

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly changing the automotive scene, but opponents have underlined how substantial their emissions are from

Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres Introduced Electric Vehicle Tyres For Indian Roads

Apollo Tyres, a leading tyre manufacturer, has unveiled electric vehicle (EV) tyres for both passenger vehicles and two-wheelers. Apollo

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Ola Electric Launches India-Built Li-ion Cells

Ola Electric, a local electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, unveiled its domestically-built NMC 2170 lithium-ion cell. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and


LG Accelerates Its Electric Vehicle Charger Business

LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it has acquired AppleMango Co., Ltd., a South Korean provider of electric vehicle


Ford & Tesla Are NOT Advertising Their Electric Vehicles…

Ford, like Tesla, is planning to stop spending on electric vehicle (EV) advertising. Why? Because its EVs have been sold out

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