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Korea Has Highest Hydrogen Vehicles In The World

According to the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA) the number of hydrogen electric vehicles supplied to the country is


Beijing Aims To Put 10,000 Hydrogen Vehicles & 74 Filling Stations by 2025

As the Chinese capital maps out an ambitious plan to develop the low-carbon fuel, the city of Beijing aims

Toyota Is Betting Big On Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles Instead Of Electric

Japan isn’t sure that the battery-powered electric car is the only future, and it’s betting big on something it


H2FA – Creating Solar Powered Green Hydrogen Fuel Stations Above Ground…

The firm Hydrogen Fuels Australia (H2FA) which is founded on environmentally sustainable and ‘low impact’ concepts, is using its


Jaguar Is Working On A New Hydrogen Powered Land Rover Defender

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing a prototype hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) based on the new version


GM Will Supply Ultium Batteries & Hydrogen Fuel Cell For Locomotives

General Motors Co (GM) will supply electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cell systems for rail supplier Wabtec Corp’s locomotives,

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Cost-Competitive Electric Vehicles Will Be a Reality with in 3 to 4 Years

The falling cost of producing batteries for electric vehicles (EV), combined with dedicated production lines in carmakers’ plants, will


Hydrogen Vehicle Adoption Is Still A Big Challenge…

Electric vehicles seem to be an option to mitigate the tailpipe emission, however there are concerns world over about

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