India Has Decided To Investigate Pumped Hydro Storage

To further integrate renewable energy resources in the grid, India’s Ministry of Power has developed draft rules for procuring power from pumped hydro storage projects. According to a document provided by the Power Ministry, the government plans to build 18 gigawatts of pumped hydro storage capacity. The projects will employContinue Reading


NHPC, a state-owned hydropower business, intends to combine with THDC India Ltd and North Eastern Electric Power Corp. Ltd (Neepco), two additional public-sector hydropower enterprises. The combined company is estimated to have a market valuation of around 70,000 crore. The idea to establish a mega hydropower firm comes at aContinue Reading

Adani Group

The Adani Group has formed a joint venture with Greenko Group to use the latter’s standalone long-term hydro energy storage capacity for its facilities. According to a joint release, Greenko would provide a reliable and dispatchable renewable energy solution, including round-the-clock power supply of up to 1GW, to Adani Group’sContinue Reading


Ayana Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated with Hyderabad-based Greenko Group to store six gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in hydro pump storage facilities that Greenko is constructing in Andhra Pradesh’s Pinnapuram district. The agreement will contribute to the continuous supply of green energy to industrial users and electrical distributionContinue Reading

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) will conduct a study on increasing energy output from Tasmania’s existing hydropower system. Arena is also considering an application from Hydro Tasmania to potentially develop 13 potential new pumped-storage hydro-power projects. The new pumped-storage hydro-power schemes could have a total installed combined capacity of upContinue Reading

coal mines

The hydropower major Rye Development has come up with a strategy to make Kentucky’s old coal mine a hub of the long duration energy storage trend. The new long duration storage project is going to be a closed loop system that would run to Bell County, which is situated nearContinue Reading

Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer, a Dutch business, won the CES 2022 “Best of Innovation” award for their Ocean Battery technology. They appear to have earned the “Best of” award not for the technology itself, but for its potential for use in offshore wind farms. The fundamental factor is that wind energy operatesContinue Reading