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Droughts Threaten The Future Of Hydropower

Drought has altered the appearance and operation of Lake Mead, the reservoir of Hoover Dam. It’s at a historically

Adani Group

Adani Group To Buy “Dispatchable Hydro Energy” From Greenko Group

The Adani Group has formed a joint venture with Greenko Group to use the latter’s standalone long-term hydro energy


Ayana-Greenko JV Will Construct India’s 1st Pumped Storage Facility

Ayana Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated with Hyderabad-based Greenko Group to store six gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity

coal mines

Kentucky’s Old Coal Mine Will Be The Site For “Water Battery” Project

The hydropower major Rye Development has come up with a strategy to make Kentucky’s old coal mine a hub

Himalayan region

Himalayan Ecosystem Is In Danger Due To Government Infrastructure Projects

While science and logic advise us to continue with conservation and protection of the Ganga-Himalayan basin’s vulnerable zones, our


Sustainable Hydropower As A Solution To Climate Change Is A Myth

A landmark Global declaration titled “RIVERS FOR CLIMATE” was launched on Sept 21, 2021, endorsed already by 300 organizations

Water Batteries

Water Batteries – Even After 100 Years It Is The Most Efficient Large Energy Storage

Water batteries also known as pumped storage hydropower is the most dominant form of energy storage on the electric grid

floating solar

Combining Floating Solar With Hydro Can Address World Energy Needs

If floating solar panels are deployed on the more than 379,000 hydro reservoirs globally, the resultant hybrid systems could

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