Battery Swapping

Battery swapping has long been a controversial topic in the electric car world but now it is happening in shipping world 🙂 Wärtsilä has come up with a mobile battery swapping system to help power and re-power electric waterway vessels. The first order, for an initial 3 units, was justContinue Reading

3D Printing Is Making The Automotive Industry More Sustainable

With Project Arrow, a revolutionary electric car with a fully functional 3D-printed chassis, Canadian auto parts suppliers hope to stand out from the crowd. Canada is unlikely to be the first country mentioned in a discussion about electric auto components or 3D printing, but Project Arrow has the potential toContinue Reading

Fashion Industry

The fast fashion industry has drastically transformed this industry, but not in a good way. This business generates enormous quantities of trash, since we send nearly 40 million tonnes of textiles to landfills or incineration each year.  In sum, the sector accounts for more than 8% of total greenhouse gasContinue Reading

The prominent shipping industry firms Wilhelmsen and KONGSBERG are partnering to launch a new autonomous shipping firm by the name of Massterly. It is the world’s first such company. Autonomous vehicles are already state-of-the-art in many land based transport modes. There exist several examples of automated subways, self-driving intralogistics vehiclesContinue Reading

Artificial Leaves

The University of Cambridge researchers created ultra-thin, flexible gadgets inspired by photosynthesis, the mechanism through which plants turn sunlight into food. These low-cost, self-driving gadgets are light enough to float, they might one day be utilized to provide a sustainable alternative to gasoline while taking up no ground area. OutdoorContinue Reading