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Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet...

Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet…

Deep sea mining businesses are banking on the EV market to kickstart this destructive sector, which may start operations

A Ban On Single-use Plastics Will Have Little Impact In India

New Ban On Single-use Plastics Will Have Little Impact In India

The Union government has prohibited specified single-use plastics (SUPs) as stipulated by the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2021, effective


Unilever Is Lobbying Against Banning Plastic Sachets In Asia

Unilever CEO Alan Jope stated two years ago that his business will phase out the tiny plastic sachets used to sell


India Is Forced To ‘Ban Wheat Export’ Due To Climate Change

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has interrupted global wheat supply, India, the world’s third largest exporter, has chosen to step in


China To Phase Out Single Use Plastics By The End Of 2020

China plans to ban the production of certain single-use plastic items by the end of this year to curb


Sweden Is Building An Emission Free Society

The climate emergency is a serious threat to global prosperity and security if we do not end our dependence

EU Votes To Eliminate Single-Use Plastic By 2021

A significant event happened in European Union (EU) around single-use plastics that could encourage other governments around the globe

Plastic Bag Bans : Are They Really Effective?

The average use-span of a plastic bag that we get at the grocery store is just 12 min at

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