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Infosys & bp To Develop Integrated Energy as-a-Service (EaaS) Offering

Infosys and bp, a global integrated energy company, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under which both companies


World’s Largest Energy Companies Have Increased Investment In Renewables During Pandemic

In the corporate world, even when contending with COVID-induced negative sales, bankruptcies, and swift moves to preserve capital, some


BP Expects 8 To 10 Percent Returns From Renewable Energy

The oil major BP wants to lead his peers in transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy energy

World’s Biggest Oil Companies Are Investing Majorly In Alternative Energy

The world’s biggest oil companies are on track to do a record number of deals to invest in alternative energy and

Climate Change: Investors Are Concerned & Listening

In larger and larger numbers, institutional investors are calling on oil-and-gas companies and other fossil fuel firms to adjust

Transition Of Big Oil Companies To EV World

It’s just a matter of time before fossil-powered vehicles join sailing ships, horse-drawn carriages, making their transition from necessary

BP Invests In Ultra-Fast Charging Company StoreDot

BP Ventures invests $20 million into an ultra-fast-charging battery developer called StoreDot that targets a battery for electric vehicles that

Reliance Industries Ltd, is thinking of entering the power-storage business with its partner BP Plc. to expand into the

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