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Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals Launch UK’s First Carbon Capture & Utilization Plant

Tata Chemicals Europe formally launched the UK’s first industrial-scale carbon capture and utilization plant on Friday, marking a significant


Nutrien Looks To Create $2 Billion ‘World’s Largest Clean Ammonia Facility’

Nutrien Ltd. just revealed that it is considering Geismar, LA as the location for the world’s largest clean ammonia


Carbonfuture Is Collaborating To Remove 17,500 Tonnes Of CO2…

Bioenergie from Switzerland is collaborating with Carbonfuture (the carbon removal platform) on a 17,500-tonne carbon removal delivery. Bioenergie Frauenfeld is


Shell’s Carbon Capture Claims Are Completely False!

Shell developed a carbon capture unit at its Scotford refinery in Alberta in 2015, northeast of Edmonton. The technology


SpaceX Plans To Create Rocket Fuel Out Of Thin Air!

SpaceX is about to embark on a daring new adventure: creating rocket fuel from thin air. It has begun


Orca – World’s Biggest Carbon Capturing Machine Has Been Fired Up…

Engineers in Iceland powered up a plant, named “Orca,” the largest carbon capture device in the world. Orca is

Soil Carbon Co

Soil Carbon Co Is Supercharging Soil To Balance Atmospheric Carbon

Fundamentally, two of the world’s most pressing challenges, climate change and soil degradation, boil down to a simple imbalance:


Microsoft Invest An Undisclosed Amount In CO2 Capture Company

Microsoft recently disclosed its investment in more climate-related companies as part of efforts to make good on its year-old

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