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President Joe Biden – “Electric Vehicles Will Replace US Federal Fleet”

U.S. President Joe Biden committed on Monday to replacing the entire federal fleet of vehicles, including cars, trucks and


VW Unveils Working Prototype Of Fully Autonomous Charging Robot

Volkswagen (VW) has unveiled a working prototype of a robot that can autonomously charge electric cars. The company has


TN EV Policy – Tariff For Both Domestic Consumption & Private Charging Station Will Remain Same For Now

According to the Tamil Nadu Electric Vehicle (TN EV) Policy, 2019, the tariff applicable for domestic consumption shall be


New Study – Private EVs Are Not The Answer To Climate Crisis

It almost seems like owning an electric vehicle (EVs) is a silver bullet in the fight against climate change,

It Costs 20% Less To Maintain An Electric Bus

There is a tremendous underlying opportunity for an effective delivery of road transport service in India. The advent of

Still A Far Fetched Dream: Mass Electric Vehicle Adoption In India

India, the fourth-largest auto market on the planet, is one of the few countries (along with Germany and the

BP-Reliance JV May Set Up EV Charging Network At Fuel Retail Outlets

Attracted by India’s electric vehicle (EV) mobility play, the BP’s group joint venture (JV) with Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)

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