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Auto Industry: Complete Transition To EV by 2025, Not Sure…

NITI Aayog had proposed that only electric vehicles (EV) should be sold in India by 2030. For this, it

2019-20: 50 EV Charging Stations To Come Up In Delhi

National Capital saw the inauguration of a smart public charging station for electric vehicles in South Extension Part II

Renewable Industry Has ‘High Hopes’ From Second Term Of BJP

With BJP government winning another term in office, renewable industry hopes that the renewables will get a major boost

Extra Benefit And Benefits Of Owning An EV

Carbon monoxide is generated when fuel is burned in vehicles, and equipment like furnaces, grills, and lanterns. Because we

Elonroad EV Charging System Is All Set For Trial Run

The company Elonroad was established to promote the idea of charging electric cars while they drive. Now 8 years

Ola Electric Mobility Company Bags $56 Million In Funding

Ola has created a new, independent company to build up its electrical vehicle presence and supportive infrastructure, like battery

New Refillable Batteries For Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are easier on the environment than their gasoline-powered counterparts, but their long charging times and the scarcity

An All-Electric Ford F-150 Pickup Truck In The Offering

Ford revealed that it will release all-electric and hybrid versions of its best-selling F-series and Super Duty pickup truck

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