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EU Taxonomy May Greenwash 90% Of Airbus Future Aircraft

EU Taxonomy May Greenwash 90% Of Airbus Future Aircraft

According to new T&E statistics, the EU taxonomy for sustainable investments may greenwash nearly 7,000 Airbus airplanes. This accounts


Today, The Decarbonization Business Is A Very Profitable Venture

In the United States, it is an excellent moment to be in the decarbonization industry. The Inflation Reduction Act,

New Study-Heat Pumps Can CUT CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

New Study-Heat Pumps Can Cut CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

Heat pump sales are expected to reach new highs in the coming years as the global energy crisis pushes


In The European Union, e-fuels Will Be In Limited Supply In 2035

The fossil fuel industry is hopeful that e-fuels would enable combustion engine vehicles to avoid a potential European Union

Europe Ban

Europe Stops Use Of Palm Oil As A Biofuel Feedstock

The European Parliament cleared the path for the use of green fuels in planes in a close vote. They

high speed rail

High Speed Rails Could Replace Airlines In Europe

Late last month, European rail industry leaders convened in Lyon, France, to unveil their ambitious new vision for an


Bosch is Already Hydrogen-ready

Bosch’s CEO, Dr. Volkmar Denner, believes the market for green hydrogen in the EU will be worth €40bn ($48bn)


Trucks Makers Have Urged EU To Create Alternative Fuels Infrastructure

Truck makers and environmentalists have joined forces to push for the deployment of 11,000 charging points for electric trucks

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