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Climate crisis

C40: Preparing Cities For Climate Crisis

Climate crisis like the floods in Mozambique and Malawi, mudslides in Sierra Leona, droughts in Senegal and the Gambia,

Local Residents Claim: Cochin Airports “Canal Top Project” Is Disrupting Water Flow During Floods

Authorities of the Cochin International Airport have decided to dismantle solar panels from one of its eight projects running

India’s Most Water Vulnerable Megacities

Just because your city suffered floods doesn’t mean you have water. Ask Chennai where 11 million are going without

Extreme Rainfall Events Do Not Necessarily Lead To Increased Floods

It has been reported that extreme rainfall events are increasing over India and widespread floods have increased threefold over

New Study Says Kerala Flood Are NOT Linked With Climate Change

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in India appears to be going up. But it may not

Global Warming Impacts On India Will Be Huge: IPCC

The latest report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), formally released on Monday, warns that global

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