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Fossil Fuel Companies Are Getting Funds From World's Largest Banks

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Getting Funds From World’s Largest Banks

The world’s major banks are supplying the funds required by fossil fuel businesses to continue damaging the environment to

New Study-Heat Pumps Can CUT CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

New Study-Heat Pumps Can Cut CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

Heat pump sales are expected to reach new highs in the coming years as the global energy crisis pushes


Is Hydrogen Really The Miracle Fuel ?

Many individuals believe hydrogen (H2) will give a solution to reduce carbon emissions. However, it is not an energy

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200 “Carbon Bomb” Are Being Planned To Ensure Our Extermination

Nearly 200 “carbon bomb” projects are being planned by fossil fuel industries, which will drive the climate beyond international


Methane Is Killing Us. Does Anyone Care?

According to the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) research titled “Global Methane Tracker 2022,”the real global methane emissions are


Currently, Rising Oil Prices May Result In Stranded Assets

Carbon Tracker’s recent report warns that Peak Oil demand may arrive sooner than most people expect, resulting in stranded

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Even In 2020 Fossil Fuel Industry Is Still Receiving $5.9 Trillion In Subsidies :-(

According to the latest IMF analysis, the fossil fuel industry will receive $5.9 trillion in direct and indirect subsidies


Amazon Carbon Footprint Grew By 19% Last Year

Amazon, the online shopping behemoth, said that its carbon footprint grew 19% last year as it rushed to deliver

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