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Battery Storage

Battery Storage Is The Way Forward For Renewables

The rise of intermittent power sources such as solar and wind brings along the challenges in planning and operation

The Internet Is Unsustainable, Planet Needs A New One…

Every website on the internet requires energy—and in a global economic system that’s mostly reliant on fossil fuel, that

Misleading Fossil Fuel Ads Are OK; If The Price Is Right ;o)

In its latest earnings announcement, Facebook reported more than US$15 billion in total revenue between January and the end

China’s Zero-Subsidy Renewable Energy Migration Plan

China’s reduction of incentives is part of a global shift to subsidy-free renewable energy because they have declined so much in

With All These Renewable Growth Stories Around…Have We Really Curbed Fossil Fuel Use?

If you think we’ve been doing a reasonable job of curbing fossil fuel use, you are sadly mistaken. Global

Renewable Energy Could Save $160 Trillion In Climate Change Costs

With development and energy demands soaring worldwide, there is an opportunity for clean, renewable energy to supplant fossil fuels

InfluenceMap: Over $1 Billion Spent In Misleading Climate-Related Branding & Lobbying

The new report, published last week by independent UK-based non-profit InfluenceMap says that the globe’s five largest publicly-traded oil

India’s Emission Targets Are In Line With The Paris Agreement

A stock-take report of G20 nations to “assess the collective progress” towards the agreed goals states that while none

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