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Misleading Fossil Fuel Ads Are OK; If The Price Is Right ;o)

In its latest earnings announcement, Facebook reported more than US$15 billion in total revenue between January and the end

China’s Zero-Subsidy Renewable Energy Migration Plan

China’s reduction of incentives is part of a global shift to subsidy-free renewable energy because they have declined so much in

With All These Renewable Growth Stories Around…Have We Really Curbed Fossil Fuel Use?

If you think we’ve been doing a reasonable job of curbing fossil fuel use, you are sadly mistaken. Global

Renewable Energy Could Save $160 Trillion In Climate Change Costs

With development and energy demands soaring worldwide, there is an opportunity for clean, renewable energy to supplant fossil fuels

InfluenceMap: Over $1 Billion Spent In Misleading Climate-Related Branding & Lobbying

The new report, published last week by independent UK-based non-profit InfluenceMap says that the globe’s five largest publicly-traded oil

India’s Emission Targets Are In Line With The Paris Agreement

A stock-take report of G20 nations to “assess the collective progress” towards the agreed goals states that while none

Natural Gas Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is not a clean form of energy. Cleaner than coal? Sure – but that’s not saying a heck of

ADIA to Invest more in Renewable Energy

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), the world’s third-biggest sovereign wealth fund, said it may invest more in renewable energy,

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