quaise energy

Quaise, an MIT offshoot, has secured major money for a genuinely breakthrough project: utilizing fusion power technology to dig 12 miles under the Earth and harness the enormous energy that exists there. Last month, the business received $40 million in series A investment. It claims the funds will be usedContinue Reading


Engineers are shipping the world’s most powerful magnet to the construction site of the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor called ITER in France. The magnet will be constructed from six modules, each containing 43 kilometres of coiled niobium-tin superconductors. Once these coils are in place, they will be sealed withContinue Reading

Nuclear Fusion

Today, engineers started construction of the world’s largest nuclear fusion project in southern France with operations planned to begin in late 2025. The project, called ITER, is an international collaborative effort between 35 countries with enormous ambitions: prove the feasibility of fusion energy with a gigantic magnetic device called aContinue Reading

On-the-move power chargers have become even more versatile, thanks to Belgian startup Sunslice Solar, which has expanded its product line to include a backpack charger called the Fusion, to accompany the company’s Volta wallet charger and the pocket-sized Photon charger. The Sunslice Fusion solar charger is a powerful and lightweightContinue Reading