Log 9 Materials

For over a century, cars have depended on energy-generation through internal combustion engines that use petrol or diesel. And now, all that needs to be done is to replace the method of energy generation to cleaner ways that lead to no harmful emissions. A Bengaluru-based startup called Log9 Materials believesContinue Reading

green batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have slowly taken over the world but may become a thing of past if any one of the below mentioned breakthrough ‘greener options’ workout 😉 So what are the likely contenders for the power source of the future? Here are our picks, but please bear in mind itContinue Reading


Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by researchers at The University of Manchester,UK. It is often refereed to as a “supermaterial” due to its properties. Graphene is only a single atom thick. It’s a superconductor of electricity and heat, and very light. It’s more than 100 times stronger than steel,Continue Reading


There are batteries and there are supercapacitors. Both do the same thing — store electrical energy. Batteries charge relatively slowly and discharge slowly. Supercapacitors charge quickly and discharge quickly. Batteries are capable of storing large amounts of energy, supercapacitors are best for storing smaller amounts of energy. In coming years,Continue Reading