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EV Charger

400,000 EV Chargers To Be Installed On American Highways

The Biden administration proposed an audacious proposal to add nearly 400,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers between now and 2030,


EV Are Great For Environment And Jobs :-)

Some great electric vehicle (EV) news has come out of Jacksonville, Florida. According to U.S. Department of Energy –

Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings

Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings – A Lesser Known Approach For Reducing CO2 Emissions

The White House on May 17 announced a slate of new programs aimed at integrating US buildings into the clean

EV charging station

EV-charging Industry Is Yet To Show Profit

In order to wean drivers off fossil fuel vehicles we need to create public charging stations to power the

electric vehicles

President Joe Biden – “Electric Vehicles Will Replace US Federal Fleet”

U.S. President Joe Biden committed on Monday to replacing the entire federal fleet of vehicles, including cars, trucks and

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