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New Smart-Roof Coating Made of Vanadium Enables Year-Round Energy Savings

Buildings, like transportation, are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, so researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Wabtec Launches An All-electric Locomotive In North America

Wabtec, a firm based in the United States, launched the first all-electric locomotive for freight hauling in North America.


Soft Solid Electrolyte- A Solution For Lithium Battery Dendrites

The bane of battery scientists are little things called dendrites — little spikes of lithium that can pierce battery

AquaPIM Membrane Technology Can Make Flow Batteries More Affordable

Flow batteries could one day provide the long term storage of electricity needed to make renewable energy commercially viable

New Energy Storage Tech Threatens Lithium-Ion Dominance

When it comes to energy storage technology, it’s hard to beat lithium-ion. However, the rise of wind and solar

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