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Heatwaves At Both The Poles Indicate Climate System Collapse

Heatwaves at both poles have alarmed climate scientists, who have warned that the “unusual” phenomena might indicate a quicker


Antarctic Sea Ice Has Reached A Record Low…

According to the latest data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, sea ice in Antarctica has officially

Fire and Ice

The Butterfly Effect Link Between Western Wildfires & Arctic Sea Ice

“Some believe the world will end in fire, while others believe it will end in ice.” However, the link

melting ice

Melting Ice Is Physically Reshaping Earth

The melting Arctic ice is physically reshaping the Earth’s crust, according to a study by Harvard scientist. The outermost

climate action

Climate Needs Immediate Action – A First-hand Account

The threat of climate change is looming large on the world. It is staring at us with projection of


Swiss Skiing Resort Is Covering Glacier With Blankets To Prevent Ice Melting

In one of Switzerland’s most popular Alpine destinations, resort staff have been working over the summer months to limit


It Rained In Greenland Which Is A Horrible News – Why?

For the first time in recorded history, it rained at Greenland Summit Camp, a research outpost in the island’s

India sea level

Major Indian Cities Await A Watery Grave…

A new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has dire warnings for India, which is already

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