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GE To Close Natural Gas Plant 20 Years Ahead Of Schedule

General Electric (GE) has decided to close the Inland Empire natural gas plant in California, a whole 20 years

Say No Even To Natural Gas, If We Have To Meet “Paris Climate Goals”

It’s now clear that if the world is to meet the climate targets it promised in Paris, natural gas,

Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Becomes A Reality Now

Turning clean electricity into energetic gases such as hydrogen or methane is an old idea that is making a

GAIL Will Supply Natural Gas To Uttar Pradesh and Bihar By 2019

GAIL has purchased steel worth Rs 1,100 crore from domestic steelmakers to complete the 729-km link between Barauni in

Delhi Gurdwara’s Will Be Switching To ‘Bio-Gas’ Soon

Delhi’s Gurdwara management committee has planned to switch from piped natural gas to biogas to run its langar kitchen

GAIL To Supply Natural Gas To Indian Railways

GAIL and Indian Railways have signed an Memorandum of Understanding to use natural gas in its workshops and production

Natural Gas Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is not a clean form of energy. Cleaner than coal? Sure – but that’s not saying a heck of

GAIL India to Supply Natural Gas to NTPC For Power Generation

GAIL India, the public-sector gas major has indicated that power utilities have stepped up natural gas buying in the

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