Energy Storage

An Energy Storage Device That Uses Hot Sand To Store Energy

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are changing the way we power our buildings, industries, and grid;


NREL Designs High Efficiency Inverter For Heavy-duty EVs

Electrification of heavy-duty EVs is integral to decarbonization efforts, but vehicle components must be designed to handle more power


NREL 3D-Prints Tidal Turbine Blade Prototypes

The typical wind turbine blade in the field today is made with traditional composite materials, such as fiberglass infused

Pumped hydro storage

Cost-Effective Design For Pumped Hydropower

The simple fact is that plain old water is the only large scale, long duration energy storage medium available

organic solar cells

Singlet Fission Can Enhance The Efficiency Of Organic Solar Cells

A carbon-based solar cell, does not have a crystalline structure. It is more like a form of plastic. That’s


Biofuel Fans Are Looking At Cyanobacteria, As A Means, To Fix Carbon

The latest development in the world of Biofuel involves cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, an organism that has been around

solar cell

Six-Junction Solar Cell Sets Two World Records

A six-junction III–V solar cell with a 47.1% conversion efficiency rate under 143 Suns concentration has been developed by researchers

NREL Study: Solar Panels Can Help Crops Grow

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is doing the heavy lifting in the solar farm area under a program called

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