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Millets, A Superfood, Are More Climate Resilient Than Rice…

India is suffering a water and food crisis, which has been compounded by extreme climatic cycles such as the


Agrivoltaic Systems In Agriculture Is The Need Of The Hour

“Agri” is a term that refers to food production. The term “voltaic” refers to the process of generating energy.


Join Agritech Web Summit To Learn About Holistic & Sustainable Solutions

Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy and focusing on that sector, an NGO named Focus India Group, has


AgriVijay- A Unique Platform For Renewable Energy Based Agri-Products

An Agritech start up, ‘AgriVijay’ is empowering farmers and making them future-ready by providing a plethora of renewable energy products

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DuPont N&B Is Developing Sustainable Palm Oil

Recently, the need for sustainable palm oil has become increasingly critical, as demand for vegetable oils – particularly palm

Sahaja Samrudha : India’s Answer To ‘Patent-Free’ Seed Farming

In India, the seed marketplace is often manipulated by the middleman, making it impossible for local farmers to secure

Coca-Cola’s “Meetha Sona Unnati” Project

Coca-Cola and DCM Shriram, IFC, Solidaridad have partnered to introduce the “Meetha Sona Unnati” project. It is focused on

Leaves from Nitrogen-Rich Trees can be Potential Fertilizers

Persistent overuse of fertilizers to increase the crop yield has led to serious consequences on environment and human health.

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