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REE Creates 30% Lighter & 70% Smaller Flatbed, That Has Tesla Model 3’s Interior Volume

A Tel Aviv based startup by the name of REE Automotive is working on a standardized undercarriage, which can


Tesla Wants To Use LFP Batteries In Chinese Model 3

Tesla is seeking the Chinese government’s approval to manufacture Model 3 vehicles in the country fitted with lithium iron

Tesla Model 3 Battery : BEST, ADVANCE And YEARS Ahead

Long-range EVs is one of those game-changing developments that is shaping the future of our planet and autom0bile sector,

tesla gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory – The Secret Sauce Of Tesla’s Success

Tesla delivered a record 250,000 cars in 2019. It’s also worth pointing out that the automaker recently began Model


Tesla To Launch ” Million Mile” Battery

Electric car maker Tesla Inc plans to introduce a new low-cost, long-life battery in its Model 3 sedan in


Tesla Suspends Production At China Factory

Tesla Inc. suspended production at its plant on the outskirts of Shanghai, according to people familiar with the matter,


Xpeng Motors Has Stolen Our Autopilot Secrets – Tesla

More than a year after the billionaire chairman of Xpeng Motors was labeled as “questionable” Tesla Inc. alleges that


Rivian – Tesla’s Worst Nightmare Has Come To Life

Rivian, the American electric start-up that has the potential to be even more influential than Tesla. The little-heralded electric

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