Author: Prasanna (Editor)

Tour A (Wind) Turbine

Get an exclusive and entertaining look inside of a wind turbine. Simon and Andy strap GoPro’s to their heads

Common Solar Financing Methods

Going solar can be intimidating and trying to select the best financing option might seem complicated, but it’s easier

Bioplastic Companies Pioneering a Positive Change

Plastic polymers have become a major environmental crisis. Countries all over the globe have begun to take steps on

Why biodiesel algae is not cost effective?

Photosynthetic algae need carbon dioxide, water and light in order to grow (in addition to various other nutrients like

Rooftop Solar — Remains Woefully Behind Target

Under the solar mission, India is supposed to have put in 5,000 megawatt of solar plants on the roofs

Dark Clouds Looms Over Indian Solar Panel Industry

Under the National Solar Mission the solar is booming in India, but the country’s solar panel industry is facing

Impact Of Brick Kiln Industry On Environment

India, the second largest producer of bricks in the world after China, manufactures nearly 200 billion bricks a year.

Colorado Reboots To Make Solar Development Easier

Weld County, the largest producer of oil in Colorado is witnessing a major transformation of a 174-acre agricultural property,

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