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Going green

'Going Green'- But What Does This Mean?

Eco-friendly, organic, sustainability, going green, recycled and non-toxic—you have certainly come across these terms when reading about planet-friendly products,

Indian shoppers

An Eyeopener: 70% Indian Shoppers Are Looking For Sustainable Brands

Indian shoppers are becoming more aware and conscious of what they are buying and as a result willing to

Celebrate Diwali With Eco-Friendly “Green Crackers”

Amidst the growing efforts in every sector to move towards eco-friendly alternatives, eco-friendly crackers mark a new way of

MahaMetro To Provide Last Mile Connectivity With E-Rickshaws

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions signed an MoU with the MahaMetro to provide last mile connectivity with e-rickshaws to commuters. As part of this, MoU

Is ‘Meatless Meat’ Really Environment Friendly?

Beyond Meat and its privately held rival Impossible Foods have recently grabbed headlines and fast-food deals for their plant-based

DSSC Are Both Cost Effective And Eco-Friendly

Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC) or Grätzel cells named after the Swiss chemist Michael Grätzel who was greatly involved in

Extra Benefit And Benefits Of Owning An EV

Carbon monoxide is generated when fuel is burned in vehicles, and equipment like furnaces, grills, and lanterns. Because we

SMC’s Eco-Friendly Initiative: A Bicycle Sharing Project

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has started bicycle sharing project to help reduce traffic congestion and provide an effective last

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