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BloombergNEF – EV Will Make 31% Of Car Fleet By 2040

According to BloombergNEF new Long-Term Electric Vehicle Outlook report, electric vehicles (EV) will make up 31% of the total 2040


Renault Stops Selling Fossil Fuel Based Vehicles In China

French automaker Renault has been selling conventional gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles in China for years through a joint-venture with

Its Already Cheaper To Own & Run An Electric Vehicle

A recently published study which was conducted in UK by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) has again endorsed

Infernal Combustion Engine: A ‘No-Go’ For Mercedes-Benz But BMW To Pursue…

Markus Schaefer, the head of research and development for the Mercedes-Benz division of Daimler, say his company currently has

Is It Time To Buy Electric Vehicles?

We’ve been going through a transition period in the past few years, where the oil industry and the traditional

Illusion: German Premium Giants Can Deliver A Tesla Like EV?

In the world of psychologists, an illusion is called a misperception, but it is not always about the senses

Foundation For Electric Vehicles Was Laid Way Back In 1887…

When Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor in 1887, he paved the way for the  of the electric

Why The ‘EV Transition’ Is Being Slowed By Automakers…

To understand why BMW is trying to compare the 330e to the Model 3 in advertisements, why Ford is

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