Savë: Painting The Indian Transport Sector GREEN

Mr.Chandan Mundhra, Founder & C.E.O, Savë Electric Vehicles tells Clean Future how his company plans to paint Indian transport sector ‘green’

When was the idea of Save conceptualized and the motivation behind choosing e-Rickshaw space?

Idea of Savë conceptualized in 2015, after researching the EV industry and realizing the potential of last-mile connectivity. The motivation behind choosing e-Rickshaws was the successful case study it has built in Indian EV scenario in terms of utility, pricing, volumes etc. and considering the rising urban population the demand for public transport will certainly boom and these type of vehicles will play a major role in it. 

Is the company funded or a bootstrap start up?

We are a bootstrap Startup currently. 

Please tell us about your product offerings and elaborate on the technology being used.

We offer E-Rickshaw (passenger), E-Cart (Goods Carrier), Campus Carts (4 wheeled campus vehicles), customized 3 wheelers for various applications Eg: water ATM, Waste Collection, FMCG delivery  Van, Icecream Cart & Food Carts etc.

The powertrain is BLDC and various IOT features have been incorporated in the vehicle to ensure asset safety, battery health, geo-fencing etc.

How are your addressing the popular concerns associated with electric vehicles like range anxiety, charging infrastructure etc.?

E-Rikckshaws are ideally last-mile vehicles and meant to run within city limits, so in most cases range is pre-decided and user doesn’t have to worry much about range. For the delivery companies and customized application, we provide battery packs based upon the client’s desired per day range. As we are growing we are also working on the battery-swapping infrastructure which we will implement once more vehicles are on road. Currently, most of our users charge their vehicles overnight at their location. 

What is your plants manufacturing capacity? Do you have an in-house R&D facility?

We have a tool-room production facility and manufacture around 500-600 vehicles per annum. We have a collaboration with Marutee Design & Engineers for R&D. 

What is your current market share and where do you see the company 2 years down the line?

We are a startup focused on B2B & B2G sector and are in the process of setting up a mass manufacturing unit at Sanand (Gujarat). It will have a production of around 4,000 vehicles per annum. 

Which segment is driving the market growth?

E-Rickshaw/e-Cart and eBikes.  The Two & Three-wheeler segment is driving the market growth. 

What is your Go-To-Market strategy?

We are gradually building our Dealership network in Gujarat, Maharastra, Karnatak and Tamil Nadu. Bharuch (Gujarat) is the most recent one in Gujarat. 

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