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Green Buildings Are Both Eco As Well As Pocket Friendly

Architects are no longer trying to insulate workers, instead trying to create green structures which are in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Offices and apartment blocks designed to be green are springing up all over the world as architects reverse almost a century of trying to insulate workers from nature and instead try to adapt structures to their natural surroundings.

In this effort architects are funneling prevailing winds from out side and are covering buildings with solar panels for energy and doing rainwater harvesting for water needs of dwellers.

The change is being driven by stricter building codes, a desire to cut energy costs and, in particular, demands from corporations and start-ups that need to show shareholders and customers that they are environmentally conscious.

Regulators are also driving change because energy-efficient buildings are “very effective” at decarbonizing cities as commercial and residential buildings account for almost 12 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, according to the European Environment Agency.

green building
This is how Green Buildings Reduce CO2 & Are Pocket Friendly

A review of 70 studies by researchers at Finland’s Aalto University showed that Eco-friendly building cuts operating expenses, raises rental income and increases the capital value of properties.

However, achieving the highest Green Building certification involves a lot more than just adding solar panels. The building has to use cement and materials that generate less carbon dioxide during production, vegetation and geometry that deflects the sun’s rays are among dozens of technologies employed to reduce the carbon footprint and running costs of a structure.

In short apart from offering environmental benefits, green buildings, result in significant operating cost savings, shorter payback periods and an overall increase in the value of asset.

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