Gridware Raises $5.3 Million To Work On Wildfire Prevention Technology

Gridware, the California-based wildfire prevention technology company, has announced that it raised $5.3 million in a seed round. The mission of Gridware is tremendous and prescient: to eradicate suburban wildfires.

Gridware does this by producing a box filled with sensor technology that can be attached to power poles. The box contains sensors to monitor the ambient environment, such as microphones and other sensors, which generate data that can be processed by on-board AI and Machine Learning.

Irregularities in this data can then be reported to the relevant agencies or persons to enable responses that can mitigate the impact of wildfires.

They continuously monitors for possible changes that could affect the quality of the grid’s performance or ignite wildfires.

The system detects faults early and in real-time to enable a schedule timely repairs and rapidly respond to ignitions so disastrous wildfires can be avoided. It operates independently of the grid to ensure the system is always on and available when you need it most.

During a power shutoff and extreme weather events, the system continues to report faults through the night so that trouble crews don’t have to wait until daylight to search for faults, begin repairs, and swiftly restore power.

The frequency and severity of wildfires has greatly increased as a result of climate change. Many states across the US have experienced record-breaking wildfires in recent years.

The fire season is now more destructive and deadlier than ever, with many people losing their homes and livelihoods. The ongoing impact of climate change is likely to make suburban wildfires even worse, so mitigating their impact is a critical task.

Gridware will use the funds from the round to step up its engineering and R&D operations and to grow its utility partnership network.

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