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ENvironmental Peacebuilding

Environmental Peacebuilding Is Resolving Conflicts Caused By Climate Change

Environmental cooperation is increasingly being utilized to resolve local problems induced by global warming. Environmental peacebuilding (EP) advocates argue

PR Firm

Fossil Fuel Supporting COP27 PR Firm Is Slammed By 400+ Scientists

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is the name of the public relations (PR) firm which has been mandated by The Egyptian government,


Production Of Biofuels Is Stealing Food From 1.9 Billion People

Biofuels, which are generated from plant oils, agricultural waste, or wood, can be used to power vehicles and buses.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Shimmering With LIFE

As competitive distance swimmer Ben Lecomte neared the border of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, he began to notice

Chemical Recycling

Chemical Recycling: Another Attempt At Greenwashing By The Plastic Industry

We’ve known for a long time that so-called “chemical recycling” is a bogus answer since converting plastic into gasoline


Amazon Supercomputers Are Assisting In Finding Ways To Dim The Sun

Climate modelling frequently involves the use of pricey supercomputers so Amazon Web Services (AWS) is enabling climate researchers to

Kshitih Foundation

Kshitih Foundation Organizes Successful Plantation Drive In Chhattisgarh

Kshitih Foundation is a social enterprise. It works for the environment, employment and education. On the 11th of September,

Krich Cleaning

Krich Organizes Massive Waste Cleaning Drive In Himalayan Region

A massive cleaning drive was carried out today at Patlikuhal Village in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. The drive

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