Air pollution

This month, pollution levels in New Delhi and other regions of northern India have reached deadly levels, a stunning reversal from October, when residents breathed the cleanest air in four years. In previous years, air quality in the region has often deteriorated significantly around October, when farmers finish harvesting theirContinue Reading

Air pollution

According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, inhaling dirty air (air pollution) may result in decreased sperm counts. The researchers discovered that pollution induces brain inflammation in mice, which results in decreased sperm counts. The researchers developed mice deficient in a protein associated with brain inflammation.Continue Reading


The very nomenclature, waste-to-energy (WtE) plant, is wrong. It implies a false notion that a WtE unit solves the bothersome waste disposal problem and at the same time produces the ever-needed energy. In reality, it involves neither an acceptable waste disposal method nor an acceptable energy production process. A WtEContinue Reading

Pure Skies

Devic Earth, Bangalore is offering world’s first ever Clean-Air-as-a-Service!! Their innovative built air purifier device “Pure Skies” can lower air pollution at workplaces. It uses an AI-driven pulsed radio wave technology, which allows the pollutants in the air to settle down on the ground and clear away. The wi-fi enabledContinue Reading

Air Pollution

People think of air pollution as an outdoors issue. But that’s a common misconception; the vast majority of our exposure to the most harmful outdoor air pollutants actually occurs indoors. Outdoor air is not limited to just the outdoors. It gets inside through windows, doors and HVAC systems, bringing pollutantsContinue Reading

air pollution

Researchers studying the impacts of a major coal mine fire in Australia which lead to subsequent air pollution, found children who were in utero at the time were more likely to suffer respiratory infections in early childhood. The findings of study surprised scientists because it is believed that “inhalation isContinue Reading


Air pollution standards that ensure all new heavy-duty vehicles for urban community use are zero-emitting by 2035, and all such vehicles sold are zero-emission by 2040, would have substantial benefits, according to a new report by Environmental Defense Fund. The report found that eliminating that pollution would provide sweeping benefits: ItContinue Reading