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Is CO2 A Foe Or A Friend?

If carbon dioxide (CO2) were a politician, it would be concerned about its bad press πŸ™‚ The principal pollutant


New Tech – Using Supercritical CO2 To Generate Electricity

Sandia National Laboratories researchers supplied energy generated by a novel power-generation technology for the first time. The system, which


Climeworks Raises $650 Million For It’s Carbon Removal Technology

Climeworks, a pioneer in carbon removal technology that use ‘direct air capture’ to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,


New Concrete Made From The Waste Of Previously Used Concrete

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material on the planet, yet it is also one of the most

carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Pollution Is Leading To Heavy Rainfall

We are drowning in carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution but stuck with political and economic systems that promote more of


New Research – Pulling Synth-fuel Out Of Thin Air

A team of scientists seems to have developed a cleaner way of generating fuel for gas-burning cars β€” using

Air Pollution Is Significantly Down, Due To Corona Lockdown

Levels of air pollution over some cities and regions are showing significant drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel.

Earth’s Food Supply Is Under Threat Due To Climate Change

More than 100 experts contributed to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and they concluded that

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