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Droughts Threaten The Future Of Hydropower

Drought has altered the appearance and operation of Lake Mead, the reservoir of Hoover Dam. It’s at a historically

Himalayan region

Himalayan Ecosystem Is In Danger Due To Government Infrastructure Projects

While science and logic advise us to continue with conservation and protection of the Ganga-Himalayan basin’s vulnerable zones, our


Sustainable Hydropower As A Solution To Climate Change Is A Myth

A landmark Global declaration titled “RIVERS FOR CLIMATE” was launched on Sept 21, 2021, endorsed already by 300 organizations

JSW Energy: Betting Big On India’s Hydropower

Private sector companies are generally wary of investing in hydropower because it is considered a highly capital-intensive resource. Many

GD Agrawal (1935-2018) : New Age King Bhagirath Who Died For Rejuvenating Ganga

Muktibodh in his magnum opus ‘Andhere Mein’ ( In The Darness) wrote ‘…the nation died / but we lived…’

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