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The Indian government has designated grasslands as wastelands...

Indian Government Has Declared Grasslands To Be Wastelands…

Open natural ecosystems (also known as ONEs) include cold and scorching deserts, rock outcrops, boulder and rubble fields, wetlands


Tesla’s India Entry Plan Is “On Hold”

Tesla’s entry into India is now on hold, with the company abandoning its hunt for a showroom facility and


Indian Government Plans To Raise $3.3 Billion Via Green Bonds

The Indian government intends to generate billions of dollars by issuing up to $3.3 billion (equivalent) in “green bonds”

Secret Behind 13% Jump Of Renewable Energy’s Share In One Day

How does one quickly increase the share of renewable energy in a country’s total energy mix? Going by the

Land Acquisition: A Challenge For Solar Developers

The Indian solar energy market has come a long way, from about 3 GW of installed capacity in 2014

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