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Upside Foods

UPSIDE Food’s Lab-Grown Meat Has Been Approved By FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the green light to what might be the country’s first


New Way To Manufacture ‘Lab-Grown Meat’ At Commercial Scale

UCLA researchers claim to have solved the code on how to scale up the manufacturing of lab-grown meat, potentially

MeaTech 3D

MeaTech 3D Bio-Prints World’s Largest Lab-grown Steak

MeaTech 3D, an Israeli firm that specializes in lab-grown meat, has successfully bio-printed a 3.67-ounce steak made entirely of


Lab-Grown Meat Is Going On Sale For The First Time

The “chicken bites”, produced by the US company Eat Just, has passed a safety review by the Singapore Food


Innovation- Lab-Grown Meat Products To Be In Supermarkets Soon

For years, there’s been a crowded market of startups racing to bring the first lab-grown meat to market —

Sustainable Eating: Lab Grown Meat

You already knew about lab-grown meats, which are grown from animal cells. And you probably know about CRISPR, the

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