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Global Emissions From Oil And Gas Are Under Reported…

Countries were recently compared based on the emissions intensity of their oil and gas activities, including production, processing, and


Currently, Rising Oil Prices May Result In Stranded Assets

Carbon Tracker’s recent report warns that Peak Oil demand may arrive sooner than most people expect, resulting in stranded

Oil Age

Is The Oil Age Coming To An End…Really!

Only four years ago, the end of the Oil Age was seen as a far-fetched fantasy. It is now

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Plastic Growth Is Being Fueled By A Nexus Between Top FMCG & Oil Companies

As the climate problem worsens, there is a rising global recognition of the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)

net-zero emission

Net-Zero Target Set By World’s Heaviest Emitters

111 of the Climate Action100+ 167 “focus companies” have set a net-zero or equivalent target, pledging to fully reduce

Ethanol Blending

India’s Ethanol Blending On Course To Meet 10% Target

Ethanol blending in India has reached more than 7.2 per cent — the first time it has reached this

PTT Group

PTT Group Is Moving Away From Oil To Renewable Energy

Thailand’s PTT Group is among companies that have shown interest in buying around 22% stake in renewable energy producer

oil & Gas

For Oil & Gas Sector Decarbonization Has Moved From Horizon To Center Stage

Turmoil and Transformation, DNV GL’s outlook report for the oil and gas industry, 2021 reveals that this industry plans

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