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sustainable aviation

Sustainable Aviation Is A Real Possibility In Near Future

Some innovations in aviation industry are already promising marginal improvements in the short term, such as artificial intelligence (AI)

solar energy

Using Solar Energy To Create Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The Swiss university ETH Zurich has just announced a novel pilot-scale, all-in-one solar-powered technology for turning water and carbon


Airlines Will Use Direct Air CO2 Capture To Achieve Zero Emissions

Airlines in the EU are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions or pay for the emissions they cause. Large

Europe Ban

Europe Stops Use Of Palm Oil As A Biofuel Feedstock

The European Parliament cleared the path for the use of green fuels in planes in a close vote. They

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel Powered A380 Takes To Skies!

Passengers may soon be able to fly on jumbo-jets that run solely on sustainable aviation fuel generated from leftover cooking


Rolls-Royce Just Flew A 747 Jumbo On 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Rolls-Royce recently successfully completed a test flight in a Boeing 747 jumbo aircraft utilizing 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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