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OECD – Plastic Pollution Can Still Be Managed…

Plastic is frequently observed piled up on beaches and drifting in the water as “plastic islands.” It clogs the

Snow Marathon

First Snow Marathon – Preventing Himalayas’ From Becoming A Dustbin

The Snow Marathon in Lahaul is being organised to raise awareness and take action on one of the Himalayas’


Is It Possible To Burn All Our Trash In Volcanic Lava?

True, lava is hot enough to burn some trash. When Kilauea, Hawaii, erupted in 2018, the lava flows reached


e-Source – An Innovative Platform From IIT-M To Tackle E-waste

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) is developing an innovative model to tackle electronic waste (e-waste) by linking


Partner For Independence From E-waste

Based on the concept of zero-waste, Mr Shiv Rao, founder, 3R ZeroWaste Pvt. Ltd. developed an event named “Independence

solar waste

Solar Panel Waste – A Mounting Problem In Making

On paper, solar energy seems more promising than ever. But questions remain about whether their production and waste creates

compost plant

Much-hyped Compost Plants In Noida Shut Down…

The much-hyped compost plants at two sites in sectors 37 and 29 in Arun Vihar, commissioned by the Noida

blue planet

Blue Planet Gets US$25 Million In Funding From Nomura

Singapore-headquartered Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd (Blue Planet) today announced it has raised US$25 million from Nomura, Asia’s

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