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Volkswagen Invest 450 Million Euros In A Battery Factory

Volkswagen Group has decided to invest €450 million in Swedish battery producer Northvolt AB ‘s 16-gigawatt-hour battery cell factory


Volkswagen Is Struggling To Build An Inexpensive Small EV

The slowdown in electric car sales in China is having an impact on Volkswagen’s quest to build an electric

Volkswagen To Use 80% Nickel In Next-Gen Batteries

Volkswagen will raise the amount of nickel used in it electric car battery cells to 80% in the next


V2G Could Use 1 Terrawatt Hours Worth Of EV Storage

In theory, Electric Vehicle (EV) owners can allow utility companies to tap the stored electricity in their batteries via


Second-Life Battery Systems Being Tested At Hamburg

Is repurposing EV batteries as energy storage devices commercially viable? Tesla has already decided it is better to recycle


Volkswagen Thanks Tesla For Starting The EV Revolution

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess was all in praise for Tesla at the World Economic Forum event. He said, “I think


Forget Tesla, Volkswagen Will Be World’s Largest EV Manufacturer…

Consulting firm Wood Mackenzie says in its latest report that Volkswagen is on pace to be the largest manufacturer


Volkswagen To Buy 20% Stake In Chinese EV Battery Maker

Guoxuan High-tech Co Ltd, you may have never heard of this Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Manufacturing Company, but

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