New Research Shows That 'Plant-Based Meat' Is Actually Greener Than Animal Meat

There’s a lot of excitement around town about “plant-based meats”: items that look like real meat but are completely free of animal substances. Unlike previous generations’ bean- or grain-based vegetarian burgers, these “plant-based meats,” the most well-known of which are Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, are extensively promoted toward traditionalContinue Reading

Plant-Based Meat

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a worldwide consulting firm, has released a report that demonstrates that investing in plant-based alternatives saves far more greenhouse gas (GHG) than many other investment options. More good news: shifting human diets away from meat toward vegetables means less forest is destroyed for pasture andContinue Reading

Plant-based Meat

Plant-based, vegetarian meat options are becoming more popular, with a variety of options accessible on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus. Alternative proteins are undoubtedly gaining popularity across a wide range of demographics. Do these items, however, satisfy the requirement for a well-balanced diet? To answer this question, Beyond Foods,Continue Reading


In November, McDonald’s announced plans to roll out plant-based versions of its signature items, including a burger, chicken sandwich, and breakfast sandwich made with plant-based sausage. The new menu, called the McPlant, is hardly a surprise. These new products are made from a mishmash of plant proteins, but they look, smell, cook,Continue Reading


Plant-based meat has officially infiltrated pretty much every fast food restaurant in the game. Burger King has the Impossible Whopper, White Castle has Impossible Sliders, Dunkin’ has the Beyond Sausage Sandwich, and, now, even KFC (a fast food chain that’s literally all about chicken) has hopped on the bandwagon. Recently,Continue Reading