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Battery Swapping

Now Battery Swapping “As-a-service” Is Available For Shipping Industry

Battery swapping has long been a controversial topic in the electric car world but now it is happening in

3D Printing Is Making The Automotive Industry More Sustainable

3D Printing Is Making The Automotive Industry More Sustainable

With Project Arrow, a revolutionary electric car with a fully functional 3D-printed chassis, Canadian auto parts suppliers hope to

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry Should Adopt Sustainable Business Practices

The fast fashion industry has drastically transformed this industry, but not in a good way. This business generates enormous

DIXON Solar Battries: Shipping Fresh Inventory Within 24 Hours

DIXON BATTERY PVT LTD established as a small scale industry scale with state of Art plant for manufacturing of

India to Reduce Shipping Emissions by 2050

Zero emission from shipping by 2035 was the most ambitious proposal on the table at the International Maritime Organisation

Massterly-The First Autonomous Shipping Firm

The prominent shipping industry firms Wilhelmsen and KONGSBERG are partnering to launch a new autonomous shipping firm by the

Artificial Leaves

New Discovery – Floating “Artificial Leaves” Generate Clean Fuels

The University of Cambridge researchers created ultra-thin, flexible gadgets inspired by photosynthesis, the mechanism through which plants turn sunlight


A New Sail Technology Will Make Cargo Ships Green…

Wind energy is free, yet the maritime industry abandoned sails decades ago when fossil energy entered the picture. Despite

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