Environmental Protection Agency (USA) will be considing burning wood to generate electricity, commonly known as forest or woody biomass, to be “carbon neutral.” Biomass does not introduce new carbon into the system, as its supporters point out. Yet it does transfer carbon from forests to the atmosphere, where it traps heat and contributes toContinue Reading

The largest tropical reforestation effort in history aims to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon by 2023. The multimillion dollar, six-year project, led by Conservation International, spans 30,000 hectares of land—the equivalent of the size of 30,000 soccer fields, or nearly 70,000 acres. The effort will help BrazilContinue Reading

You might end up choosing the organic tomatoes over the conventional ones in a supermarket. They’re twice the price, so they’ve got to be better, right? It’s not so simple. Do foods labeled “organic” actually make us healthier? Are they free of pesticides? Here are some common, pervasive myths aboutContinue Reading

ISRO, India’s space giant, has often been involved in environmentally-friendly causes. This time, via Antrix Corporation Limited, which is its commercial arm, ISRO has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) for integrated conservation and management of Kerala’s pride—the VembanadContinue Reading