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Toyota Motors Will Invest $3.4 Billion In EV Battery Development And Manufacturing

Toyota Motors, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by volume, has already sold over 18.7 million electric vehicles, including over


Toyota Reduces Freshwater Utilization By 90% For Manufacturing

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has reduced freshwater utilization for manufacturing by 142,982 cubic metres during fiscal 2020-21, reporting a

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai Breaks World Record By Traveling 1000KMs On A Single Hydrogen Charge

One of the most popular alternatives to electric vehicles is hydrogen powered vehicles and Toyota’s hydrogen (H2) car Mirai


Toyota Developing Hydrogen Engine Technologies For Motorsports

Japanese auto giant Toyota is working on a new-age hydrogen vehicle. This time, they have came up with something


Toyota Acquires Lyft’s Self-Driving Technology For $550 Million

Toyota will acquire Lyft’s self-driving technology unit for $550 million, the companies said, as the Japanese firm steps up


Toyota Will Launch ‘Beyond Zero’ Electric SUV

Toyota has been largely content to hang out in the background and sell variations of its Synergy hybrid powertrain


Toyota To Supply Hydrogen Fuel Cells For The 14 Million Euro FCH2RAIL Project

Toyota has joined forces with the 14 million euro FCH2RAIL project to crowd diesel locomotives out of the sprawling


Toyota Patents An Autonomous Refueling Drone System

Toyota has patented an autonomous refueling drone system that can drive out to your location and top up your

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