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New Solar Machine Turns CO2 and Plastic Waste Into Fuel

New Solar Machine Turns CO2 and Plastic Waste Into Fuel

A team of researcher at the University of Cambridge claims to have created a machine that converts CO2 and


Hydrogen Powered Tractors For Zero Emission Farming

Hydrogen (H2) has many industrial uses — making ammonia, refining oil, steel production, food processing, etc. It is now


Increased CO2 Levels Are Correlated With Vanishing Plant Nutrients

Increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is now visible in plants such as wheat, maize, rice, and other

Bitcoin Is Generating CO2 Comparable To Bengaluru’s Yearly Emission

Until November 2018, the annual electricity consumption by Bitcoin was estimated to be about 46 Terawatt-hour (TWh), revealed the study by

Making Fracking Greener And More Effective

Fracking is a process used to remove gas and oil from shale rock. It involves pumping a highly pressurized

District Energy System May Address The Primary Energy Demand In India

According to experts, the primary energy demand in India escalated from about 450 million tonne oil equivalent (TOE) in

World Meteorological Organization : CO2 Levels Reach A New High In 2017

Concentrations of key green house gases (GHG) in the atmosphere that are driving up global temperatures reached a new

Global Warming : Arctic Lakes Releasing CO2 And Methane

In the past, when a carbon-based life form — such as an animal or plant — died in the

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