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Egg Whites Can Remove Microplastics From Ocean

New Research – Egg Whites Can Remove Microplastics From Ocean

Craig Arnold, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor at Princeton and vice dean of innovation, utilized egg whites to

theion battery

Theion Crystal Battery Will Allow EVs To Travel 1400+Kms On A Single Charge!

Theion, a German battery firm, is promising a new sulfur battery technology that may enable common electric cars to

graphene battery pack

Elecjet’s Graphene Battery Bank Can Charge From 0 to 100% In Just 27 Minutes…

Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon lattice that is extremely conductive. Pure graphene batteries are currently prohibitively expensive to mass-produce,

Graphene Hard Drives

Graphene Hard Drives Will Store 10 Times More Data

Graphene, which is a material made of a one-atom-thick layer of carbon, is a bit of a buzzy darling


Graphene Will Play A Central Role In Powering A Sustainable Future

Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by researchers at The University of Manchester,UK. It is often refereed to as

A Greener Method: Fabricating Graphene Sheets From Camphor

Graphene, a recently discovered wonder material, is increasingly sought after for its superior electrical, thermal, optical and mechanical properties.

Paragraf: All Set To Bring First Graphene-Based Electronic Device In Next Few Months

Scientists first isolated graphene — a transparent layer of carbon just one atom thick — in 2004. Almost immediately, we began

A Step Closer To Graphene-Based Microprocessors

The growing popularity of digital devices has spurred the need for integrated circuits that are light weight, consume ultra-low

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