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Roman Concrete

2000 Year Old Roman Concrete, Reveals Self Repairing Secret!

The Pantheon in Rome still stands defiantly 2,000 years after it was erected, its marble floors protected by the

Aluminum-Sulfur Battery

Aluminum & Sulfur – A New Concept For Low-Cost Batteries

Donald Sadoway (who has been at MIT since 1978) and his research colleagues recently reported the development of an

Glucose Fuel Cell

Glucose Fuel Cell Might Power Next-Generation Body Implants!

Engineers at MIT and the Technical University of Munich have created a new form of glucose fuel cell that

thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell

TPV Cell That Converts Heat To Electricity With Over 40% Efficiency

Engineers at MIT and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have created a thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cell that turns heat into

Solid-State Battery

Stability Of Solid-State Battery Being Improved By Avoiding Carbon…

We already know that a solid-state battery outperforms a battery with liquid or semi-liquid electrolytes. It is less likely


Removing Methane From Atmosphere With A Dirt Cheap Solution

A significantly more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, methane (CH4) has a noticeable influence during the first two decades


MIT- Extinction Seems Inevitable For Human Race…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) geophysics professor Daniel Rothman says we’re on the verge of a mass extinction, and


Our Civilization Will Collapse In Another 20 Years

Sustainability researcher Gaya Herrington made headlines when she found that our civilization will collapse by the year 2040. Her

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