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Breakthrough – Fusion Scientists Claim Net Energy Gain!

California’s government-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory claim to have made a significant advance in the long-delayed pursuit of viable


Fukushima Radioactive Water To Be Dumped Into Pacific Ocean

Japanese officials have approved the release of around 1.4 million liters of treated radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean


Nano Diamond Green Batteries- Self-Charging, Thousand-Year Battery

An energy startup called NDB says it’s making progress on a battery technology powered by small pieces of nuclear

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion Is Closer To Reality Than Ever

Nuclear fusion has been seen as the unattainable holy grail of clean energy for decades, but just in the

Globally, Renewable Energy Is Growing At 8% Annually, For Last 6 Years

Renewable energy is growing faster than any other form of power, more than 8 percent annually for the past 6

Runit Dome Might End Up Becoming Our Tomb

Five thousand miles west of Los Angeles and 500 miles north of the equator, on a far-flung spit of

Melting Arctic Is Freeing Poison In Environment

As rising temperatures cause Arctic ice to melt, it’s freeing many things that we would be better off keeping trapped.

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